Information for Master’s degree and PhD degree holders and Universities from all over the world

As Administrative board of Thesis Gate, we would like to inform higher degree holders and universities that our web page is and that:

We are ready to pay a royalty of 20% of the revenue we earn from selling Master’s theses and PhD dissertations to their authors (authors and supervisors).

The universities from which the Master’s theses and PhD dissertations authors gained their degrees are paid a royalty of 15% of the revenue if they publish all their theses and dissertations with us in one batch or in several batches.

If individual theses and dissertations are published by their authors with us, authors only will receive royalties and the universities awarded the authors degrees will not be paid any royalties.

Thesis Gate Founder and CEO



Published by Abdullah Abdul-Jabbar

Associate Professor Dr. Abdullah M. Abdul-Jabbar Thesis Gate Founder & CEO