Please read the terms of use below carefully as they provide relevant information about your rights and obligations when using the website

1. You must not submit a Master’s thesis or doctoral dissertation that has already been submitted to other websites.

2. If the thesis or dissertation you submit to our website is offered for sale on another website, you must set the same price for it on both websites.

3. A thesis or dissertation author and Thesis Gate Group agree on a price for a thesis or dissertation before putting it up for sale on our website.

4. You must not withdraw you Master’s thesis or doctoral dissertation from unless you give sufficient justification for it to be withdrawn. Making a Master’s thesis or doctoral dissertation available on a website is no easy task.

5. You must send us a copy of your passport or any relevant document to prove to us that you are the thesis or dissertation author so that we post your work on our site.

6. We will file an official complaint against those who falsely claim that they are the owners of the theses or dissertations they upload to our site.

7. Allow sufficient time for our website staff to check if you are the author of the thesis or dissertation you submit to us.

8. You should set a reasonable price for your thesis or dissertation so that as many clients as possible can get it.

9. The authors who make their theses or dissertations available for sale on will receive a percentage of the profits from each thesis or dissertation sold.

10. The thesis or dissertation you submit will be published in our website after gaining the acceptance of the Decision Board which checks if it is of good quality.

11. Upload the PDF file of your thesis or dissertation and its Abstract in word after it is accepted by our web Decision Board.

12. You will be sent any money due when the profit from selling your thesis or dissertation reaches for example 3000$.

13. We PhD and Master’s degree holders are in charge of Thesis Gate Group and are honest with thesis or dissertation authors, so they receive any money due regularly.

14. Your dissertations and theses uploaded to our website are secure.

Thesis Gate Founder & CEO

Dr. Abdullah M. Abdul-Jabbar

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